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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tips for caring for your ponys in January

~ If snow is packing into your horses hooves try spreading vaseline an the bottom. 

~ Don't brush your pony too often because it removes the natural oils especially if your pony doesnt wear a rug.

~ Provide shelter from the wind, rain and snow at all times.

~ If you pony lives in a field consider putting an all weather rug on him.

~ Make sure your pony has water at all times especially if he is in his stable because he has no moisture from the grass.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lead your horse quietly in hand ! :D

When you lead your horse he should walk beside you quietly paying attention to you. When you ask your horse to back up, or step to the side he should float away from your cue like a rubber ducky being pushed in a bath tub, not like a brick being pushed through sand. Your horse shouldn’t pull you, barge ahead, hang back or push into you. Teaching your horse to lead properly is the basis for almost every other aspect of good ground manners.

What do you think of the pony magazines?!